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At Nobusoft, our mission is to make the EMIR Compliance increasingly agile, efficient, and hassle free. In addition to promoting the accessibilty to each industry member, regardless of their size and size of investment.

Without Nobusoft, companies waste valuable time and effort that could be directed into more productive and value-creating operations. With our platform, they also have access to optimisation tools that would advance the efficiency even further.

We are dedicated in the use of leading third-party systems and advanced technology to aid our customers in their EMIR compliance and Collateral Management requirements. In order to ensure that we provide an outstanding and simplified experience.

Our Management Team

Domenico Buonamico

Domenico Buonamico


Domenico is founder and CEO of Nobusoft. He is a passionate entrepreneur, having started companies in the service industry, focusing on streamlining processes and projects in banks.

Domenico also worked in a senior management capacity at the Royal Bank of Scotland in London. As well as for Algorithmics, an IBM Company, in Europe and in North America.

Domenico holds a Doctorate in Economics and Business Administration.

Samantha Khelil

Samantha Khelil

Key Account Manager

Samantha is a fresh Sales Executive with substantial experience in banking. She has previously worked for BNP Paribas and Societe Generale in business development roles, then at AXA prior to joining Nobusoft.

Samantha is motivated by supporting customers in finding the best solution for their needs. Her knowledge of the financial sector combined with her interpersonal skills make her a resource that is key in the distribution of our services.

René Van Thillo

René Van Thillo

Product Manager

René is an expert banker in payments operations. René has managed a number of departments in his career, most recently at AXA Bank Europe. Where he managed the Back-Office operations and supervised the delivery of complex projects within the organisation.

René’s attention to detail combined with his pragmatic view of collateral management makes him an invaluable asset to the evolution of our products.

Our Company

Nobusoft is a software company specialised in EMIR Compliance and Collateral Management solutions, as such our full attention is dedicated in meeting customer requests with dedicated customer support. With regards to the current needs and anticipating the effect of regulations or any other requirements. Quality and reliability are paramount in our product development plan to do our utmost to deliver on our commitments.

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